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Team Communication Basics

Teamwork doesn't work without communicationAccept diversity of opinions and backgroundsParticipate in meetingslisten and show interest stick to the agenda and stay on track or people may be discouraged from attending rambling … [Read more]


"Being knocked to the mat doesn't make you a failure, but staying down does. To be a champion, all you have to do is get up and fight for just one more round."  ~ Muhammed Ali    … [Read more]

Landing Pages

A site wide header dedicated to promoting the company’s strengths will help explain to visitors landing on any page on your site  why they should do business with … [Read more]

Search Marketing Checklist - First to mention Penguin update in August 2014 although it turned out to be a Panda 4.1 update on 25th September see Search Engine LandGoogle Penguin 3.0 from Search Engine WatchSite Penalty Risks from Quick … [Read more]

On Page SEO

Best practises for URLs from 2006 but still relevant's all about "organising the worlds information" for Google so they can feed us the most relevant ads!  Just a tad cynical there … [Read more]

A better way to achieve conflict resolution

Typical short term solutions to conflict resolution:1. Ignore the conflict - can be appropriate if you don't have all the information available, maybe it appears like a conflict but it's not, a wait and see approach may be useful here.2. … [Read more]

Importing tables using MySQL Command Line on Windows IIS

For importing (and exporting) table bigger than around 2MB into and out of MySQL:1. Open command prompt2. Navigate to mysql directory (to find it start/run MySQL and see the path of MySQL)3.  Run command below  … [Read more]

Always launch Chrome in desktop mode (not Windows 8 mode)

Windows 8 is just so frustrating. I have wasted hours trawling the net for fixes that shouldn't occur in the first place or should be intuitive and easy to repair. Sadly this is not the case with Windows 8 issues. And there are loads of … [Read more]

Web Profits SEO approach

From the video at waste of time build up at the start of video, makes it feel like you are about to be conned, but its actually useful info (unless I've really been conned?!)Localisation is interesting … [Read more]

Why Use Dedicated Application Pools in IIS

Application pools in IIS isolate applications from each other, so if one application or web site goes does or locks for whatever reason it does not take all other sites with it.  Different application pools can also have different .NET, security or … [Read more]