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Seth Godin from 2007 – How to spread your ideas

Seth Godin from 2007 - How to spread your ideasSliced bread was invented 15 years before it was widely taken up.  The invention of sliced bread was essentially a failure until the idea was spread by advertising.Customers don't want email mail … [Read more]

Roger Sharp Digital Tsunami

Roger Shard Chairmain APD, Non-Executive director Webjet - involved with and sale to Wotif.com … [Read more]

Coding, Testing & Web Tools

Server ToolsLeaf DNS DNS Setup check SSL setup checker Why No Padlock which parts are not SSL secure on a pageCodeVideo tutorials for many software development platforms and Cool site of code … [Read more]

Search Marketing SEO Resources – Who said content is king when its really links

SEO Resources for your site and your competitors web sites Once you get something written in English (or whatever language) and it actually has a well defined theme and contains useful facts, that's the content part done - then its all about … [Read more]

The top 5 regrets of the dying

When planning your life (big call but someone's gotta do to it) and beginning with the end in mind, consider the top five regrets of the dying:1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself 2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard 3. I … [Read more]

Language SEO

A good WordPress language translator as recommend by Neil Patel is Transposh click here.Mandarin and Spanish are the worlds most popular languages with English 3rd the new pages into … [Read more]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strengths Finder 2.0

Strength Finder 2.0 is still available but was published in 2007 by Tim Roth, the latest version seems to be Clifton Strength Finder by Gallup .  There are 34 strengths in the strength finder 2.0 book.  by answering a series of questions you get your … [Read more]

Plesk 12

Sometimes on Plesk a login issue causes the left panel of server management links to not appear.   So you have the main screen of subscriptions/web sites appearing only. A simple server restart can usually fix this. Please claims the issue was fixed … [Read more]

Business Models (What to get done and why) and JIRA (How to get it done efficiently)

Business Models (What to get done and why) and JIRA (How to get it done efficiently)Useful business model template - the Business Model Canvas why JIRA? The answer is … [Read more]

Events and Conferences in Australia

www.expotradeglobal.com Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre … [Read more]