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Tracking Individual Newsletter Links with GA

Google Analytics (GA) UTM tracking code generator

Example below uses utm_content=Link1 to enable reporting separately on each link in the newsletter to see what customers are most likely to click on.


The complaining customer wants a reason to stay not a form letter

From Seth Godin’s Blog

The complaining customer does not want refund,  He wants a connection, an apology and some understanding. He wants to know why you made him feel stupid or ripped off or disrespected, and why it’s not going to happen again.

If you have a department that sends out form letters and refund coupons, what you’ve done is built the ability, at scale, to get rid of people who are giving you a second chance.

When the refund for the broken M&M’s or the artificially flavored nuts that should have been delicious, or the $20 inconvenience fee in exchange for the torture you put a frequent flyer through arrives, you’ve basically sent a form letter that says, “goodbye.”

Which is your choice, of course, but if you think that this expression of goodwill is going to be seen as goodwill, you’re wrong.

Try candor or inviting them to an online focus group. Perhaps try being human. Try giving them a chance to be a voice of the concerned, energetic customer, a voice that needs to be heard by people who actually make decisions.

My 2 cents – To complain takes energy and an expectation that the effort to complain will be responded to, respond like a human and you will keep the customer (unless they are completely unreasonable in which case you did not want that customer!)

Quickest way to find the owner of an Australian .au domain name

The quickest way to find an Australian .au domain name owner is to use the recover password tool at

The recover password tool can also be used to help transfer Australian domain names between registrars. also provides the raw list of domain which ‘drop’ each day or those domains which someone has forgotten to renew, which happens a lot, or genuinely no longer uses or wants the domain.