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Single Keyword Ad Groups and Adwords Quality Score

The best way to make your ad copy as relevant as possible to the keyword is to have only one keyword in the ad group or a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG).    Google’s suggestion is to have up to 20 keywords in an ad group all related to one theme.  The problem with up to 20 keywords is how to make the ad copy perfectly relevant to all keywords.

“The more relevant your ads and landing pages are to the user, the more likely it is that you’ll see higher Quality Scores.” and  “Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.” ~ source Google’s Quality Score Definition

Google needs visitors to click on ads, an ad with a high CPC bid but poor ad copy for the keyword is less likely to get clicked and will be given a lower quality score.

Quality score for ads should increase when the ad copy is focused on a single keyword because the expected click through rate will be higher.

The next step is improving your landing page to convert that visitor from Adwords into revenue.  If your landing page converts at 1% and you are paying $1 per click for Adwords, then you need to spend $100 to get one sale.  If your landing page converts at 5% you only need to spend $20 to get one sale.


Content, Links and Search Ranking Theory Early 2016

Search ranking factors 2016 from Brian Dean of Backlinko – Ahrefs domain authority is a good indicator of ranking.  Links work, https has an influence, schema markup language doesn’t matter much.  Site speed definitely helps ranking, title don’t matter much sticking to one topic and writing a lot about it helps (long form 1,800 characters on average in position #1).

Ahrefs little blue book of link building – 42 page PDF.

19 link building tools

Keyword research finding low competition keywords, usually long tail that involve an intention to buy from the searcher.

Content marketing handbook (5 Dec 2015) 30,000 word verison about how to write about information and make it spread.   As Aaron Swarts mentioned everyone has a voice now but who chooses what gets heard. There is also a 6 page  PDF summary here.

Here is the step-by-step process of creating content using the Skyscraper Technique and what to do when it fails (5 Jan 2016):

  1. Publish a Great Piece of Content
  2. Find Websites in your Niche That Allow Guest Posts
  3. Pitch the Websites on Your Guest Post Idea
  4. Make Publishing the Guest Post Simple
  5. Write the Guest Post and Include Backlinks to Your Content
  6. Follow Up to Make Sure the Post is Published
  7. Respond to Comments and Promote the Guest Post

Actionable SEO tips from 28th June 2016 from Brian Dean Backlinko again.  This was  referred by Cyrus at Moz using Twitter, it appears to be getting pretty incestuos at the top of the ‘SEO advice’ tree Neil Patel, Moz and Brian Dean all referring to each others work regularly.

Keyword Research

According to Market Samurai these are the 4 steps to finding the best keywords Relevancy, Traffic, Competition and Commerciality.

The 4 steps do help to put a nice structure around the keyword or market research phase for your web site, however the 15 minutes I spent trying to work out how to use the market samurai tool itself – it just seemed to be a reworking of what you could get from Google Adwords anyway, and not necessarily any clearer than Google Adwords keyword research tool either.





A good indicator of the amount of money advertisers are spending on a  keyword (which should hopefully correlate very strongly with amount of spend by actual customers on the related product) is

Adwords Cost per Click x Total traffic for keyword

Another good keyword research tool

 Google Adwords Best Practises

Google Trends and Power Search for Keyword and Idea Research is a great place to find popular keywords that customers are searching for or just any topic that people are interested in.

Take this example here comparing Melbourne Hotels, Sydney Hotels and Melbourne Hotel.

Or if you look at this Noosa Hotel example here you will actually see that searches for Noosa Resort Accommodation or Noosa Beach Accommodation are more prevalent than hotel related searches.

More Google Power user search parameters

Google Power User Tips: Query Operators

Operator DescriptionFormat ExampleDescription
filetype:search marketing filetype:docRestrict search results by file type extension
site:google site:sec.govSearch within a site or domain
inurl:inurl:marketingSearch for a word or phrase within the URL
allinurl:allinurl: search marketingSearch for multiple words within the URL
intext:intext:marketingSearch for a word in the main body text
allintext:allintext: search marketingSearch for multiple words within the body text of indexed pages
intitle:intitle:”search marketing”Search for a word or phrase within the page title
allintitle:allintitle: search marketingSearch for multiple words within the page title
inanchor:inanchor:”search marketing”Search for a word or phrase within anchor text
allinanchor:allinanchor: search marketingSearch for multiple words within anchor text
daterange:search marketing daterange:2454833-2454863Restrict search results to pages indexed during the specified range (requires Julian dates) pages of similar content info about a page pages that link to the specified page Google’s cached version of a page
define:define:search marketingDefine a word or phrase
stocks:stocks:googDisplay stock quote and financial info for a specified ticker symbol
phonebook:phonebook: john smith, madison, wi
bill withers
Display a residential phone directory listing
{area code}212Display location and map of an area code
{street address}123 main, chicago, il
chicago, il
Display a street map for a specified location
{mathematical expression}35 * 40 * 52
520 miles in kilometers
Do a calculation or measurement conversion