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Price Guardian for and sites

Hotel prices fluctuate, if you find a good price today, what's to say that there won't be a sale on tomorrow with an even better price?  You could look up the price every single day, but who wants to spend the time looking every day for a cheaper … [Read more]

Registering a .uk domain name if located outside the UK

Address for service for a .uk domain must be in the UK.This can be the address of the UK domain registrar if using a UK registrar or the hosting provider if hosting in the UK.More at  … [Read more]

Coding for Kids that is Educational and Entertaining

Most coding for kids apps fail to maintain the child's and parents interest beyond the first 45 minute session.  This is because there are only so many loops and steps you can take before it gets a bit boring.  This is where gamification of coding … [Read more]

Simple Organic Traffic from Keyword Research

Find keywords with a reasonable number of ads indicating value  (assuming advertisers are after conversion and margin and not just wasting their money on irrelevant ads which does happen) and relatively low Domain Authority (DA) sites ranking highly. … [Read more]

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Tried and tested WordPress plugins.A note on performance, to enable compression go to cPanel / Optimise Website and enable compression for all all content.  Test this with Google Page Speed to see if it's effective in improving performance for … [Read more]

Ticket systems or JIRA and the difference between Resolved and Closed Issues

Any support or customer service or JIRA issue has a requestor or initiator and someone who does the work to resolve the issue or ticket.Any support or customer service ticket or JIRA issue is opened to start and closed to finished.The person … [Read more]

Content, Links and Search Ranking Theory Early 2016

Search ranking factors 2016 from Brian Dean of Backlinko - Ahrefs domain authority is a good indicator of ranking.  Links work, https has an influence, schema markup language doesn't matter much.  Site speed definitely helps ranking, title don't … [Read more]

Seth Godin from 2007 – How to spread your ideas

Seth Godin from 2007 - How to spread your ideasSliced bread was invented 15 years before it was widely taken up.  The invention of sliced bread was essentially a failure until the idea was spread by advertising.Customers don't want email mail … [Read more]

Roger Sharp Digital Tsunami

Roger Shard Chairmain APD, Non-Executive director Webjet - involved with and sale to Wotif.com … [Read more]

Coding and Testing

Video tutorials for many software development platforms and Cool site of code tutorials with video www.w3schools.comhtml, css, json everything with tutorials  Javascript development tool, … [Read more]